September 28, 2016

An Area covering 28 hectares, as the First Section of the Park developed by SNTL

As a first phase, the realization of this park was started with the construction of the first section over an area of land covering some 28 hectares. The works were undertaken by the National Transport and Logistics Company (SNTL) in two time-periods:

The completion of a first section on 14 hectares of land

Operational since March 2011, with an occupation rate of about 66% of its capacity and more than 10 clients, the first section of the park offers the following facilities:

  • A container storage area: 5,000 square meters;
  • A parking lot for heavy goods vehicles: 10,000 square meters;
  • A dry pallet warehouse: 30,000 square meters;
  • A refrigerated warehouse: 6,000 square meters;
  • A business center: 2,000 square meters;
  • A bonded warehouse.

A number of logistics services are offered by the section, notably:

  • Two cranes for handling;
  • Operational expertise in warehousing logistics (shared-stock management);
  • Fluidity of flows and security of goods;
  • Picking;
  • Order preparation and picking.

The completion of a second section on 14 hectares of land

Inaugurated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May Allah lend him support, on May 13, 2014, the second section of the park comprises 10 logistics warehouse covering 6,000 square meters.

The second section is in its final phase of commercialization.

The rental offer presents the following competitive advantages to potential tenants:

  • Last generation warehouses having characteristics that are conformant with international standards;
    • 6 m clearance height;
    • Dense loading platforms, at the rate of 1 truck per 1,000 square meters;
    • Automatic fire-fighting system;
    • Office space and recreational rooms per module;
    • High resistance paving 5 tons/per square meter (6.4 tons/per square meter at the rack-foot);
    • Slots for light and heavy vehicles;
  • Additional services offered to tenants by SNTL Immo relate to the following:
    • Security of the perimeter and access points to the site;
    • Cleaning of common spaces;
    • Gardening of green spaces;
    • Public lighting of common roads/tracks.
  • Situated within the largest planned logistics park, in the framework of the National Logistics Platform Scheme with a surface area scheduled to attain 323 hectares in due course. The park is bound to be the point of reference in Moroccan logistics.
  • Geographical location at a nodal and strategic multimodal point, at the cross-road of the main national road, highway, and rail networks and close to the largest national import/export harbor, with a high-level connectivity service – connecting the Casablanca Harbor and the Zenata-based Multi-flow Logistics Park.
  • Optimal operational costs, thanks to attractive rental rates and positioning that is less than 2 km from the highway exchanger which serves distribution/retail activities geared towards the largest consumption pool and industrial production area nationwide.
  • Convenient customs and administrative services and high-performance controls which are adapted to operators’ needs.




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