September 28, 2016

Developed by ONCF (or, the National Railways Office), the MITA logistics park consists of the following:

  • Surface area of the site in hectares: 32
  • Dry port in hectares: 8
  • Platform surface in hectares: 24

The first section of this logistics platform, which was completed in September 2013, consists of the following facilities:

  • Storage warehouses and offices: 28,000 square meters;
  • Couriers’ warehouses;
  • A business center: 4,500 square meters.

Some key figures concerning MITA’s dry port:

  • Length of passing tracks: 600 ml for each of the two tracks;
  • Weighbridge capacity: 60 tons;
  • Number of handling engines: 2 reachsteakers and 1 forklift truck;
  • Capacity of reachsteakers: 40 tons over 4 levels;
  • Storage capacity: 300 EVP.



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