January 18, 2017

In the framework of a series of regional workshops centered on the stakes of outsourcing logistical activities, which are organized by the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Logistics, for the benefit of the logistics community in several regions of the Kingdom; and following the organization of the workshops in the CasablancaSettat Region, the SoussMassa Region, and the FezMeknes Region, AMDL moved north to meet the logistics community in the TangiersTetouanAlHoceima Region on December 6, 2016.

This workshop, which was organized in Tangiers in partnership with the CGEM Logistics Commission and the CGEM of the TangiersTetouanAlHoceima Region, falls within the framework of the Implementation of the Contract relative to the improvement of logistical competitiveness of the sector-based merchandise flows, as signed by the State and the General Confederation of Companies in Morocco (CGEM), in May 2014.

During the said workshop, several presentations were given which highlighted, on the one hand, the overall state of the practices and the trends in the outsourcing of logistical activities in Morocco, and on the other, the significance of logistical outsourcing as a lever of company competitiveness, through the sharing of case-studies which relate lived experiences by national and international companies in this area.

On this occasion, rich and diverse debates and discussions centered on logistical problems and constraints took place and how these could be solved or overcome, through outsourcing at the level of this high-growth area that is keenly interested in the development and optimization of its logistics.

The event, which enlisted the participation of several company leaders and logistical service providers in the region, was presided over by Mr. Younes TAZI, AMDL’s General Manager; Mr. Hicham MELLAKH, Vice-President of CGEM’s Logistics Commission; and Mr. Kamal MAZARI, President of the CGEM in the TangiersTetouanAlHoceima Region.

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