Optimization and Consolidation of Logistics Flows

As part of its missions, AMDL has to coordinate and to implement sector-based action-plans, which associate public actors and private economic operators in order to improve, structure, and develop the logistics chains of the main flows of goods.

In this connection, during the year 2013, the Agency hosted a number of work-committees which brought together ministerial departments and the private sector with a view to translating the State-CGEM Program-contract into sector-based application contracts, all of which aimed to ameliorate the supply chains of certain merchandise flows.

Accordingly, three sector-based applications were signed before His Majesty King Mohammed VI (May Allah assist him) in Zenata on May 13, 2014. These contracts relate to logistics competitiveness in import-export flows, construction materials flows, and domestic distribution flows.

Works are currently underway in order to finalize the draft application contracts aimed at improving logistical chains covering agricultural and hydrocarbon flows.

Import-Export Flows
Construction Materials Flows
Domestic Distribution Flows
Agricultural products