The implementation of the national strategy for the enhancement of logistics competitiveness constitutes a major challenge in view of the multiplicity of actors (administrations, local collectivities, economic actors, …) the scope of their prerogatives, and the significance of the efforts to be expended in order to manage an ambitious Moroccan program for the development of logistics parks.

In fact, the implementation of this strategy necessitates coherent efforts over time and requires a dynamics to boost and keep up sustained momentum for the attainment of the set objectives. It also calls for some arbitration so as to set priorities and to overcome obstacles.

Moreover, need for transparency in the sector is much needed to ensure follow-up of the actions undertaken to embed the strategy. In this connection, it is essential to develop an entity to monitor the performance of the sector to be jointly operated by the State and economic operators.

Accordingly, in the framework of the national logistics strategy, the following actions have been recommended:

  • The creation of the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL);
  • The institution of the Moroccan Observatory of Logistics Competitiveness.


The Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL)



Instituted by Law no. 59-09, which was published in B.O (or, the Official Gazette) on July 21, 2011, the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL) constitutes a State lever to energize the actual implementation of the various aspects of the National Strategy for the Development of Logistics Competitiveness.

This management entity –whose main role is to coordinate nation-wide actions geared towards the amelioration of logistics competitiveness around specific projects such as logistics parks—is the State’s arm for the implementation of the national logistics strategy.

The Agency is a public establishment endowed with the status of a legal entity with financial autonomy. It is placed under the oversight of the Ministry in charge of Equipment, Transportation, and Logistics.

According to the provisions of Organic Law no 12-02, relative to the appointment of officials to high public positions, pursuant to Articles 49 and 92 of the Constitution, the Agency features among strategic public companies.

In operation since November 12, 2012, following the appointment of its General Manager, AMDL has been able to set up the main operation tools (organization, settlement of purchase, law pertaining to executives, staff statuses). Thereafter, action focused on the endowment of AMDL with the human and material resources necessary to the fulfillment of its missions. The Agency thus launched a recruitment process and its human resources consisted, as of the end of 2014, of a total of 67 staff members, including: 3 managers, 11 department chiefs, 21 services chiefs, 14 executives, 10 control agents, and 07 agents.

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 Accordingly, the Agency will be able to fulfill all of the missions wherewith it has been entrusted and will be capable of coordinating the deployment of the Logistics Strategy. The Agency is now striving to become a cluster of expertise in all the trade-lines of logistics so as to serve the State and the actors in the sector.

The Moroccan Observatory for Logistics Competitiveness



The Moroccan Observatory for Logistics Competitiveness (OMCL) is principally in charge of the following:

  • Gauging the performance of logistics systems;
  • Taking care of strategic monitoring;
  • Constitute a source of proposal for the purpose of improving logistics competitiveness;
  • Following up on the implementation of the National Logistics Strategy.

In conformity with the Program Contract (0r, Compact), the chairmanship of the Observatory is vested with a private-sector figure; its steering is taken care of by a joint public-private committee, and its secretariat is shouldered by the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development.

Mr. Hicham Saadli, Vice-President of CGEM’s Logistics Commission, has been appointed President of OMCL by the President of CGEM in October 2014.

The support given by AMDL to the National Observatory of Logistics Competitiveness has materialized in the institution of a department within the Agency, which is entrusted, with the secretariat of the Observatory. The Department comprises two services which are manned by five executives. Besides, a part of the Agency’s budget is allocated to the Observatory to enable it to carry out its activities, in addition to the functional support lent and the means put at its disposal by the Agency.

It should be noted in this respect that a partnership agreement between the State and CGEM was signed before His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May Allah lend him support, in Zenata on May 13, 2014. This agreement defines the modalities and the reciprocal commitments of the stakeholders regarding the organization and functioning of the Moroccan Observatory for Logistics Competitiveness (OMCL).