Stakes and General Principles

A ZLMF or, Multi-flow logistics Park is a business activity area, an especially dedicated logistics area, comprising one or several types of different platform, with shared use of common infrastructures and the other general services available on the site.

With respect to the development of the national integrated network of Multi-flow logistics parks, AMDL is responsible for planning at the regional and national levels, identifying and mobilizing land-stock, defining the actual commissioning of each planned park, making adequate financial arrangements to ensure realization, in partnership with the actors concerned.

The optimization and consolidation of most logistics flows depend on setting up a network of logistics platforms for bulking/groupage and break bulk of merchandise/goods. As genuine centers for creating logistics added-value that are also conveniently accessible to economic operators and close to consumers, these logistics platforms serve as parks for the channeling and the concentration of such flows as would be necessary to the development of a competitive and high added-value offer of service.

The development of such a network requires a conjunction of certain conditions, notably:

  • Land available at a reasonable cost and meeting the criteria of specific location which varies from one type of flow to another (closeness to cities; proximity to a harbor; the number of parks per pool of demand);
  • Adapted connectivity in terms of “large-scale logistics” (highway and railway) and “small scale logistics” (example: connection to serve various outlets, in case of distribution).

The co-localization of several types of platforms in the same multi-flow logistics park and the establishment of logistics lanes around major metropolises, likewise, make possible shared use of the connectivity on the site in terms of road, highway, and railway infrastructures.


  • Consolidation and re-organization of inter-city merchandise flows;
  • Optimal management of merchandise-carrying traffic both within cities and in the peripheries;
  • Creation of adequate space for the development of a suitable offer of logistics services.


The overall surface area of land to be harnessed in order to realize the National Multi-flow Logistics Park Scheme stands at 3,300 hectares by the year 2030.


The National Integrated Multi-flow Logistics Park Scheme provides for the deployment of a national network gathering together five major types of platforms apt to meet the needs of the operators in the sector:


General Presentation Services on offer
  • Platforms for the consolidation of container flows between city and with the harbor
  • Import role and dispatching of containers towards the different consumption pools in the country
  • Role played in the management of empty container flows
  •  Bulking/Groupage, break-bulk, and sorting operations
  • Container handling and storage operations
  • Container unstuffing/filling and empty-circuit
  • Administrative procedures and services


General Presentation Services on offer
  • Platforms geared towards a whole range of distribution-related flows, inter-industrial flows, as well as flows generated external logistics service-providers.
  • Platforms that are strongly oriented towards trucks and pallets
  • Handling and sub-contracting
  • Storage
  • Added-value services (Billing control, co-packing, etc.)


General Presentation Services on offer
  • Reception platforms of agricultural produce flows from the countryside to the main consumption pools ( bulking/groupage of arrivals; break up and dispatch towards distribution networks and consumption pools
  • 2 Principal functions:
    • Logistics function of Groupage (bulking)/storage, including (low) import flows
    Market-place function (wholesale market)
  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Pallet storage and handling operations
    Control of sanitary standards/norms (cold chain; traceability; etc.)
  • Ancillary services: administrative services, commercial/marketing services; cleaning; etc.
  • Market-place


General Presentation Services on offer
  • Cereal storage platforms designed to optimize purchases, to secure  supply(import), and optimize the (domestic and import) supply chain.
    • Storage near harbors in order to optimize purchases and secure supply
    • Putting into the network for rail transshipment.
  • Transfer of cereals from harbor transit silos to primary storage silos
  • Storage and silage at the level of primary storage silos
  • Transshipment for break-up and dispatch towards consumption pools
  • Ancillary services

Construction materials

General Presentation Services on offer
  • Platforms focused on basic, semi-finished or finished materials serving in construction (e.g., steel, cement, sand, glass)
  • Considerable and strong-growth flow, which combines domestic and imported materials.
  • Merchandise storage and handling operations
  • Transformation of basic or semi-finished products
  • Market-place
  • Certification and control of quality standards

Development of Multi-flow Logistics Parks (ZLMF)

Multi-flow logistics parks are developed in the course of four major phases, namely: