October 7, 2016

Mr. Najib BOULIF, delegate Minister to the Minister of Equipment, Transportation, and Logistics in charge of Transport, presided over the official opening of the International Transportation and Logistics Fair for Africa and the Mediterranean (LOGISMED), which enlisted the participation of several international personalities, including Mr. Jos MARINUS, President of the European Logistics Association (ELA).

This 5th Edition of the International Transportation and Logistics Fair for Africa and the Mediterranean was organized on May 10-12, 2016, under the theme: “Logistical Excellence: an Ambition within the Reach of Small and Medium-sized Companies.”

The panelists in the inaugural session of the Fair all underscored the logistical dynamism driving the sector in Morocco and the on-going efforts expended to bolster its position as a regional logistical hub.

Mr. Najib BOULIF bade welcome to the great guests of the Fair, namely, Mr. MARINUS ELA’s Head, and Mr. Fako KONE, the CEO of the Ivoirian Loaders Association. He extended the welcome to the delegations representing the countries, regions, and organizations which have been dispatched to take part in the event.

He then surveyed the main evolutions made in Morocco’s logistical sector which has not ceased to develop, in the fashion of the Fair which has markedly evolved since its official launch in 2005. It is now the most important specialized fair in logistics on the African Continent.

On his part, Mr. Younes TAZI, General Manager of the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Logistics, partner in the organization of the Fair, hailed the organizers and commended them on the choice of the theme of the present edition. He also highlighted the importance of up-grading and modernizing logistics within small and medium-sized companies for the purpose of enhancing the country’s logistical competitiveness. In this respect, he confirmed that a specific program aimed at bolstering the logistical capabilities of Moroccan SMCs will be implemented in partnership with the private sector.

During this official opening session, Mr. ELA President, announced that at the initiative of the Moroccan Agency for Logistical Development, the 27th Edition of the International Logistics Congress, EUROLOG 2018, will be organized in Morocco –the first time such an event will take place in a country outside the European Continent.

On his part, Mr. Fako KONE, OIC’s Chief Executive Officer, hailed the cooperation which is being established between Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire for the purpose of developing the logistics sector in the two countries. He also re-iterated the determination of OIC to engage further in this promising partnership.

The Moroccan Agency for Logistical Development, along with a wide section of public and private actors will be taking part in several conferences and theme-based panels, as scheduled by the Fair, with a view to exchange ideas and experiences. They will also discuss the main lessons and the prospects of actions pertaining to the upgrade and modernization of logistics within small and medium sized Moroccan companies and their impacts on the logistical transition in Morocco.

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