January 18, 2017

On the occasion of the organization of the COP 22 in Morocco, on November 7 through 18, 2016, the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Logistics (AMDL), in partnership with the General Confederation of Companies in Morocco (CGEM), and in consultation with the actors of the logistical community, launched “The Moroccan Green Logistics” Initiative, which is aimed at enhancing the contributions of the national logistical sector to the attainment of the objectives of sustainable development, as envisioned by our country, and to permanently mobilize the actors concerned and enlist their involvement in new collaborative actions.

The Moroccan Green Logistics (MGL) Initiative is as follows:

  • A voluntary and inclusive step, with a large adherence on the part of all the components of the logistical community (professional federations and associations; institutional entities and infrastructure managers; service providers; loaders; training staff; R&D and Consulting professionals);
  • A global and coherent approach, covering all the areas underpinning the development of Green Logistics (infrastructures and facilities; equipment and materials; management practices within logistical chains; training. R&D; standardization and labeling, …).

The Initiative comprises the following:

  • The publication of a reference book on the state of the art and the prospects of expansion open to the Green Attitude in the Moroccan Logistical Sector, produced in a collaborative way with the contribution of a large number of experts and professionals,
  • The organization of a Side-Event on the theme “What Initiatives to take to make of Green Logistics a Genuine Lever of Sustainable Development?” during the COP 22;
  • The preparation and syndication of the community around the Moroccan Charter in favor of Green Logistics, drawn up with the participation of several experts and representatives of associations and entities covering a good portion of the key links in the supply chain.

These different actions in the area of sustainable development are presented throughout the duration of the COP 22, within AMDL’s stand, which is open to visitors in the L area which is devoted to innovation in the Green Zone.

Further information on the MGL Initiative is available on the Agency’s web-site: www.amdl.gov.ma, where it is also possible to download the MGL Reference Work.

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