October 25, 2016

Rabat, June 22, 2016, Mr. Minister in charge of Equipment, Transportation, and Logistics chaired an information meeting around the following theme: “Assessment of the Achievement of the National Logistical Strategy, and the Prospects of Development in the Sector.”

The meeting, which saw the participation of a significant number of Moroccan media representatives, and officials serving either at the Ministry of Equipment, Transportation, and Logistics, or in other entities placed under its oversight, was organized in the framework of a communication and outreach policy aimed at informing the general public about the different achievements and the projects underway in the Equipment, Transportation, and Logistics sector.

During the meeting, Mr. Minister highlighted the significant achievements made in the logistics sector ever since the launch of the National Logistics Strategy, which has seen genuine dynamics on several planes, starting from 2012.

In the area of logistical estate development, Mr. Minister pointed out that Morocco now has roughly 600 hectares of developed land ready to host modern logistical platforms in Casablanca, Tangiers, and other regions within integrated industrial platforms based in cities like Agadir, Kenitra, Meknes, and Oujda. Besides, close to 2,750 hectares of land-stock have been identified, which accounts for 83% of land-stock already identified in the framework of the National Logistical Parks Plan.

Mr. Minister also underscored the significant evolution in logistical services, along with the turnover pertaining to them which has markedly increased thanks to the emergence of high-performance logistical operators, following the entry of a large number of specialized international companies in the Moroccan market and the notable development made by Moroccan companies, which have started to position themselves internationally –particularly in the African market.

Mr. Rabbah also underlined the fact that the implementation of the National Logistical Strategy has made tremendous progress in the area of training in logistical trade-lines and the improvement of the country’s main logistical chains. In this connection, he asserted that several initiatives have been taken in order to ensure the structuring of urban logistics in Moroccan cities and the facilitation of export/import operations –by dints of the establishment of an electronic data-exchange at the level of harbor and the launch of works for the development of a park especially dedicated to exportation operations within the Tangiers-Mediterranean Harbor.

Mr. Minister made a point of reminding the attendees that Morocco currently occupies an important position as a regional leader with a highly-attractive logistical hub serving Africa, as evidenced by the various indicators and international rankings given to the Kingdom with regards to that particular sector.

Along the same lines, Mr. Younes TAZI, General Manager of the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Logistics gave a detailed and figure-backed account of the main achievements in this promising sector and underlined the different projects which are underway. All of this is done with a view to galvanize previous achievements and to confer a real added value on the on-going process of developing logistical competitiveness in our country.

In terms of the sector’s development prospects, Mr. General Manager pointed out that, aside from the development of logistical parks, the projected up-grade of company logistics, the optimization of urban logistics, the implementation of an appropriate regulatory frame, and the development of qualified human resources constitute fundamental issues requiring the mobilization of each and all and the harnessing of adequate institutional, organizational, and financial means. This would, in turn, make it possible to implement the various projects provided for by the National Logistical Strategy seamlessly.

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