Organization of the Moroccan Logistics Day

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water and in partnership with the General Confederation of Moroccan Entreprises – CGEM, the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development – AMDL organized the first edition of the Moroccan Logistics Day (JML), on October 30, 2019 in Casablanca.

Chaired by the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, this day organized under the theme: “Morocco on the path of logistics performance”, has as main objective, to carry out a review of the deployment of Morocco’s logistics strategy, and to highlight the necessary readjustments.

During his opening address, Mr. Abdelkader Amara took the opportunity to discuss a set of achievements in the development of logistics in Morocco.

On the institutional level, the Minister clarified that the sector governance has been strengthened by the establishment of the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development in 2011, the Moroccan Observatory of Logistics Competitiveness – OMCL in 2013, the National Commission for Logistics Standardization (CNNL) in 2014 and the Coordination of Logistics Training in 2015.

He also highlighted the considerable work that has been carried out by the various stakeholders in the strategy, with the aim of developing the sector and improving the main logistics chains of the country, especially import / export, internal distribution and building materials.

The Minister also stressed that despite the difficulties encountered in the recent years in terms of developing the supply of logistics real estate, Morocco has managed to put in place a more extensive, more modern offer at a competitive price in several regions of the Kingdom. The Minister indicated that, according to figures from the Moroccan Observatory of Logistics Competitiveness (OMCL), this offer has made it possible to reduce the rental value of warehouses as well as the cost of warehousing by almost 35% since 2010, to average 40dhs / m² / month and 1.9 dhs / palette / day respectively.

In addition, the Minister noted that one of the main constraints related to the deployment of the site relating to the development of logistics areas, consists of the immediate unavailability of usable land at the right locations and at the best prices, and invited in the same occasion, the various stakeholders concerned by the realization of this site, to redouble their efforts in order to secure and mobilize the necessary land and the financial resources for the logistics areas development.

The Minister also invited the Moroccan companies to join the “PME Logis” upgrading program, which offers SMEs several possibilities for technical and financial support in order to enhance their performance and align them with international standards. He also insisted on the need to accelerate the deployment of the logistics training plan defined for the period 2020-2024 in order to provide the sector with skills and qualified human resources suited to the job market.

Mr. Amara also recalled the vital role of the logistics sector in creating added value and said that, according to OMCL figures, this sector now contributes 5.1% of GDP, with an overall added value generated of 46 billion dirhams in 2017 instead of 34 billion in 2010.

This large-scale event program includes three thematic panels, led by experienced speakers, around the following points:

  • Deployment of Morocco’s logistics strategy update
  • Logistics areas, what contribution for the development and attractiveness of territories?
  • Urban logistics: what levers to optimize last mile logistics?

Took part in this day, ministries, administrations, public establishments, local authorities, CGEM, federations and professional associations’ representatives, main Moroccan logistics operators as well as academics and experts in logistics and Supply -Chain.

At the end of his speech, The Minister expressed his department’s commitment to organize this meeting each year to allow the logistics community to meet but above all to closely monitor the logistics strategy.