Logistics Excellency

Logistics Excellence

Logistics Excellency

As part of the efforts made with the aim of a continuous improvement and strengthening of logistics performance among the national logistics community, the Agency (AMDL) undertakes different actions aiming at boosting the level of logistics practices and improving quality of the provided services in this area.

Moroccan logistics label « Logistics Performance Label » (LPL), as an on going project

The Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL) has created, in partnership with the CGEM-affiliated Transport and Logistics Federation, a labelling system for Moroccan logistics operators , called « Logistics Performance Label» (LPL).

This label aims to bring more visibility and notoriety to labeled companies, enhance logistics competitiveness, and establish trust between logistics operators and loaders.

LPL concerns all logistics operators types, which provide logistics services and are active in the following areas:

  • Goods road haulage operators;
  • Warehouse keepers;
  • Services providers 3PL, 4PL;
  • Freight forwarders;
  • Courier operators.

In order to obtain the label, the company must fulfill, according to a rating system, some conditions related to the following aspects:

  • Management;
  • Information, documentation and data traceability;
  • Operations;
  • Performance, monitoring and control management and follow up.

Depending on its activity, the company, may obtain a label for the transport activity, warehousing activity, or a label for both activities.

Moroccan Logistics Awards (MLA)

moroccan logistic awards

The Moroccan Logistics Awards (MLA) is an annual contest held since 2016 by the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL), in collaboration with the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) as well as the sector’s professionals.

MLA is intended for businesses and professionals whose innovative practices and solutions contribute to the sector’s efficiency, innovation, and sustainability development in Morocco.

MLA seeks to:

  • Appreciate and give credit to the best achievements and innovations in the supply-chain in general, and the « Green Logistics » in particular;
  • Raise awareness among economic stakeholders of the logistics’ impact and challenges for their economic competitiveness;
  • Encourage companies to adopt good logistics practicesStimulate young business owners’ interest in the logistics area;
  • Enhance start-ups creation in the logistics area;
  • Raise the general public awareness about the supply-chain and green logistics importance..

As part of this contest, candidates may apply for the following awards:

  • Logistics Project of the year;
  • Green Logistics Project of the year;
  • Start-up of the year.

Candidates for the award « Year Professional » are proposed by the jury membres.

PS: the awards’ list is not restrictive.

The contest general conditions as well as the application forms can be downloaded on: https://www.amdl.gov.ma/amdl/mla-accueil/