Key Figures

Contribution of the Logistics Sector to the global  Economy

The total added-value generated by transport and logistics activities, combining both the operations carried out by logistics providers  and their indirect impacts, on the one hand, and the in-house, on the other hand, amounts to nearly 56 billion Moroccan Dirhams,i.e. 5.48% of the Moroccan GDP in 2019.

The direct  contribution of the Transport and Logistics sector to the GDP in 2019 is estimated to 28,7 Billion Moroccan Dirhams, that is to say 2.8% of GDP, with a an annual average growth of 3,8% for the period from 2010 to 2019.

In terms of employment , transport and logistics activities include about  472 000 jobs, that is to say 4,3% of the employed labour force in Morocco.

In addition, the logistics sector directly contributed with 37 000 net jobs over the period 2010-2019, representing  8% share  of all new jobs created  at the national level. The volume of employment in the sector is growing at an annual average rate of 2.6%.

Concerning investment, which is an important factor for growth, the public sector (METLE + EEP) and logistics providers contributed at least 31 billion DH in 2019, or 9.8% of gross fixed capital formation (GFCF), for the development of logistics in Morocco.