SMEs support “PME LOGIS”

Supporting SME

Supporting SME

The national logistics competitiveness Strengthening requires an integrated logisticians rise and the the modernization of some related/common practices within the Moroccan SME’s. In this regard, the Agency “AMDL” took several initiatives in order to improve their logistics performance. These actions are strongly reflected in the SME’s upgrading program.


PME LOGIS Program Presentation

« PME Logis » program is designed by the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL), in partnership with the General Confederation of Moroccan Businesses (CGEM),Transport and Logistics Federation under CGEM (FTL – CGEM) and the Interprofessional Grouping for Consulting Assistance (GIAC TRANSLOG), to upgrade Morccan Logistics SME’s between 2017and 2021, in order to:

  • Increase the logitics practices level among Moroccan SME’s in order to align them with best standards.
  • Emerge an efficient logistics services offer adapted to the SMEs needs .
  • Strengthgen logistics stakeholders operational quality .
  • Build human resources’ logistics capacities.

Co-funded by AMDL, GIAC TRANSLOG and SME’s beneficiary, this program offers financing ceilings that range from a minimum of 74% to up to 100% for certain products.

"PME Logis" program integrates the logistics improvement needs defined during all the work carried out by the Agency and the CGEM to date, and follows the phase of wide-scale awareness raising among companies at regional and sectoral level on good logistics practices.In response to SMEs' high expectations, in terms of technical and financial support on various aspects, such as logistics diagnostics, logistics information systems (WMS/TMS), certifications / labels and training, "PME Logis" targets a large beneficiaries population.

Logistics Stakeholders :

  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Courier Operators
  • Road Freight Operators

Loaders :

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers and semi-wholesalers

To facilitate access to the program and ensure its proper management and monitoring, a web platform (Link to access) to manage the interaction between the stakeholders has been developed. A user guide to this platform is available here .
In addition, a procedure manual determining the implementing rules of the program's products has also been edited.

Program Catalog Products

The catalog products introduces a variety of products offered by « PME Logis » program to the benefit of logistics services providers as well as the different modes of financing.

Management Procedures

Firms Indexing

Why indexing firms?

Implementation of “PME LOGIS” program is based on the firms expertise able to respond to SMEs accompaniment and technical assistance needs that benefit from the program .

In this regard, a list of product-indexed firms is set up in order to facilitate the SME’s access to high quality expertise.

As a result, only indexed firms will be allowed to provide services relating to "PME Logis" program products.

Which firms are likely to be indexed?

Firms that fulfill the following conditions can be indexed:

  • Registered at the Trade register.
  • Conforming legally with Social Security Fund (CNSS).
  • Conforming legally with the Administration Taxes.
  • Having a proven experience in the fields of intervention relating to the indexing request program product .
  • Having adequate technical and human resources.

Proposing experts with the required profile for the SEO request program product subject.

How to get indexed?

Firms indexing procedure is available here.

After having subscribed to the program, firms may download manual procedures defining in detail firms indexing procedure.

List of indexed firms

The list of indexed firms to provide services of different products may be downloaded here

Access to funding 

Who is eligible to have access to funding?

« PME Logis » program targets SME’s as well as logistics stakeholders such as loaders, acting in the sectors, sub-sectors, and the following professional-economic activities:

Logistics Stakeholders :

  • Third-party logistics (3PL).
  • Freight Forwarders.
  • Courier Operators.
  • Road Freight Operators.

Loaders :

  • Manufacturers.
  • Distributors.
  • Wholesalers and semi-wholesalers.

Eligible small and middle-sized enterprises to apply to this products funding program shall be:

  • Companies incorporated under the Moroccan Law.
  • Having an annual turnover varying :
    • Between 300,000 MAD and 200 MMAD for logistics operators.
    • Between 3 M MAD and 200 M MAD for loaders.
  • Legally conforming with Social Security Fund (CNSS).
  • Legally conforming with the Administration Taxes.
  • Not going under a judicial redress or liquidation of assets procedure.

How to access funding?

SME’s funding request procedures vary depending on the type of the product :

After joining the program, SME’s may download the procedures manual that lists details funding access procedures.