AMDL Board of Directors

The AMDL Board of Directors was held in Rabat on February 14, 2020 and was dedicated to discuss the Agency’s action plan and its budget for the year 2020.

During this meeting, the AMDL Board of Directors approved its action plan for 2020, which consists in particular in pursuing the steps and actions aimed at the development of logistics areas, through the conclusion of agreements specific relating to regional development plans for these areas in different regions of the Kingdom and securing the land bases necessary for the implementation of the first sections of these areas.

And in accordance with the enlightened Royal vision of HIS MAJESTY THE KING MOHAMED VI THAT GOD ASSISTS aiming to support Moroccan companies, the Agency also plans to continue during 2020 the implementation of the logistics upgrade program of Moroccan SMEs – PME Logis, which aims to support and assist these companies and to assist them in order to improve their logistics performance and competitiveness through direct technical and financial support.

Furthermore, and as part of its efforts intented to bring out efficient logistics operators and services, the AMDL will set up, during the first quarter of 2020, in partnership with the private sector, a labeling system for logistics operators that will constitute a quality and professionalism indicator of the logistics services offered by logistics operators. At the same time, the Agency will work, in cooperation with the various stakeholders and the sectors concerned, to set up a standardization program adapted to the logistics sector.

As for skills development and training in the sector, 2020 will be marked by the continued coordination of the implementation of the national logistics training plan for the period 2020-2024 and the deployment of a labeling system relating to training courses in the Logistics trades. The operationalization of the National Center for the Certification of Logistics Skills, according to the European Logistics Association-ELA standards, is also planned in 2020, in partnership with the Interprofessional Assistance Group for Transport and Logistics Consulting -GIAC Translog.

For the implementation of this action plan, the budget of the Moroccan Agency of Logistics development reached in 2020 approximately 204 million Dirhams including 167 million Dirhams as investment budget, mainly intended for the acquisition of the necessary land to develop logistics areas and to continue the PME Logis program implementation.

This Board session provided an opportunity to review the main achievements of the Agency for the year 2019. According to a collaborative approach with the various regional actors, these achievements were particularly marked by updating, numerous regional plans for developing logistics areas and taking the necessary steps to launch the first phases of priority logistics area projects.

In addition, and in relation to the professionalization of the sector, around 90 companies benefited in 2019 from the technical and financial support offered by the AMDL as part of the PME Logis program, with a financial envelope committed closely of 26 Million Dirhams.

The year 2019 was also marked by the organization of the first edition of the Moroccan Logistics Day, under the aegis of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water and in partnership with the General Confederation of Moroccan entreprises – CGEM. Held under the theme “Morocco on the path of logistics performance”, this day was an opportunity to debate the challenges to be met in order to accelerate the development of the logistics sector in Morocco and to underline the importance and the imperative to continue the implementation of the Moroccan strategy for the development of logistics competitiveness.