Active Logistics Areas

Active parks

In 2010, Morocco had only few tens of Hectares of modern  logistics platforms, today the size of these modern logistics platforms has, nowadays, reached some 300 Ha in Casablanca, Tangier and in many other cities which host integrated industrial platforms, as planned by the national master plan for logistics areas.

Carried by numerous investors from the public and private sector , Morocco’s modern supply of logistics facilities has undergone considerable development. Several logistics areas have been created in the different regions of the Kingdom.

Logistics platform developed by the public sector

Zenata Logistics Area

Zenata Logistics Area, operating since March 2011, is by far the most important zones provided logistics platform provided by the National Master Plan for Logistics Areas, in term of its size as well as the multiple functions it serves.

In the long term, it will be extended over a 323 Ha area mobilized respectively by :

  • The National Company for Transport and Logistics (SNTL) which holds 28 ha (the only active platform so far).
  • The National Ports Agency (ANP) which holds 200 ha.
  • Moroccan National Railways Office (ONCF) which holds 95 ha.

Zenata Logistics Park

Mita Logistics Park

The MITA Logistics Area site covers a total area of 32 ha. The first phase of this logistics platform was completed in September 2013 with the construction of a dry port on an area of 8ha with a storage capacity of 300 EVP, developed by the ONCF (Office National des Chemins de Fer),

Mita Logistics Park

Med Hub Logistics Park

Launched in November 2008, Med Hub is mainly dedicated to value-added logistics activities of groupage, distribution and supply on the international flows level. Covering a 200 Ha area, Med Hub constitutes also a warehousing point for later distribution to other free zones in Morocco, as well as release for consumption over the concerned region.

Tetouan Shore

Created in 2012, Tetouan Shore is one of the components of the Tanger Med Large Industrial Platform, which consists of the development and progressive deployment of several business parks in the Detroit region. Dedicated to services outsourcing (ITO, BPO, KPO and Call Center …), Tétouan Shore is an Integrated Platform covering an area of 6 ha offering 22,000 m² of office space and services.

Logistics Platform planned by the private sector

In response to the growing demand for modern ready-to-use logistics real estate, the private sector has actively contributed over the past ten years to the sector development through the construction of various facilities and logistics platforms in different regions of Morocco

Logistics platform planned by the private sector