Cooperation at the Service of Moroccan Logistics:

The work projects launched by the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Logistics in the framework of the implementation of the National Logistics Strategy are marked by their scope, their diversity, and the multiplicity of their current and future requirements –given the on-going nature of the process aimed at upgrading and developing the sector, together with its environment.

Yet, evidently, the undertaking of such projects entails –and will continue to do so—huge financial resources which are far higher than what the State budget can ever make available.

It is for this reason that AMDL grants uttermost attention and consideration to the area of cooperation in the logistical sector with different countries and international organizations.

For an agency in charge of a sector that is at the same time emergent and primordial for the development of the Kingdom’s economic competitiveness, this interest was further stimulated by the importance of adopting a dynamic approach to cooperation and to the development of partnerships with several countries and organizations that are universally recognized (for their leadership) in the field of logistics.


  • Increase the availability of resources in order to boost the capacity to respond to needs;
  • Valorize and consolidate the Agency’s expertise and experience in the field;
  • Build up institutional capacities;
  • Shore up the positioning of Morocco on the international stage.


  • Consolidation of the existing strategic partnerships;
  • Forging new win-win partnerships;
  • Strategic commitment to South-South partnerships (the Arab and African countries axis).

In this respect, several cooperation and partnership agreements have been concluded with several national and international partners.

Cooperation projects