January 18, 2017

In the framework of its actions aimed at promoting and fostering good logistical practices, AMDL has written and issued a Guide to the Outsourcing of Logistical Activities for the benefit of Moroccan companies.

The guide, which can be downloaded from AMDL’s website, is a tool which popularizes all the concepts related to the outsourcing of logistical activities and outlines the right habits and practices to adopt, as well as recommended steps to take in the implementation of such projects, all the way from the design stage up to the operation stage.

The guide is, therefore, a pertinent awareness aid which underscores the advantages, as well as the available logistical outsourcing opportunities.

Awareness-enhancement about outsourcing is perfectly attuned to the 2014-2020 Action-plan which purports to enhance the logistical competitiveness of the import-export flows, domestic distribution, and construction materials—a plan signed by the public and private sectors back in 2014.

The guide is supplemented by two cost-simulators, pertaining to warehousing and transportation, designed with a view to calculate and evaluate the different direct and indirect logistical costs and to identify the most important cost centers within the company.

The guide, along with the two simulators, is downloadable from AMDL’s web-site:


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