Public Interest O1 We abstain from showing favor to any stakeholder whatsoever to the detriment of public interest. Public interest must always be given precedence Efficiency and Professionalism O2 Efficiency and professionalism are our watch-words in the performance of our tasks. We always endeavor to do our duties fast and well Integrity and Transparency O3 Integrity is the fundament of all our practices. Honesty and transparency actually guide us in the exercise of all of our professional activities Commitment and Sense of Belonging O4 We collectively contribute to the attainment of a common objective: the development of AMDL and the success of its projects. This dual objective depends on solidarity, loyalty, attentiveness, a sense of responsibility, and team work Openness and Attentive Hearing O5 We are at the service of our partners. We are all the time ready to listen to them and to respond to their needs. And we strive to integrate these needs in our action plans Respect des lois O6 Nous nous engageons à agir dans l’intérêt de notre Agence sans atteinte au respect des lois et tâches Professional Development O7 We see to the professional development of our team-members and strive to keep up a healthy climate which federates people within our structure