AMDL, integrator of the logistics dynamics


in the promotion of sector at the international scale Vector of logistical convergence of sector-based strategies Tool of dedicated expertise to capitalize on the advances made by the sector Structure For public-private dialogue on all the questions pertaining to logistics Entity in the actual implementation of the components of the strategy in the areas of logistics, platforms, supply chains, logisticians, and competencies Lever of proposition for the regulation and standardization of the sector Force of shared services and synergies between loaders and logisticians Promoter of international cooperation for the benefit of the sector Channel With an attentive ear and readiness to assist logisticians Interlocuteur

AMDL’s Missions:

  • Carry out strategic studies and devise action-plans aimed at developing logistics ;
  • Draw up the master scheme governing logistical activity estates/parks ;
  • Undertaking research relating to projected logistical activity parks/estates ;
  • Search for and identify land-stocks for the development of logistical activity parks ;
  • Set up and develop logistical activity parks ;
  • Implement the Government policy which is aimed at facilitating the emergence of integrated operators in the area of logistics ;
  • Participate in the elaboration of training plans in the area of logistics ;
  • Follow-up on and measure the level of efficiency and performance in the provision of logistical services.

The Agency is likewise tasked with the submission of proposals to the Government for the purpose of improving legal and regulatory texts, and thereby shore up the national offer in the sector of logistical activities and organize the profession of logistical operators.