Mohammed YOUSFI, General Manager of the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL)

Mohammed YOUSFI was appointed General Manager of the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL) on April 19th , 2018 during the Ministerial Council, chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him.

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Mohammed Yousfi has gained substantial experience in the positions he held during his professional career.

He joined the Ministry of Public Works in September 1992 and evolved into several positions of responsibility before to join the National Ports Agency -ANP-. During his career at the Ministry of Public Works and the ANP, Mr. YOUSFI provided leadership for several road and maritime infrastructure projects.

Mr. Mohammed YOUSFI is familiar with files and issues relating to the transport and logistics sectors since he took part into study and reflection committees on several projects namely:

  • Development of the national road safety strategy.
  • Drawing up the traffic code.
  • Development of the national logistics strategy.
  • Development of port facilities management system.
  • Concept design and implementation of the Ports Logistics Competitiveness Observatory.
  • Study of the global logistics cost for goods transiting through Casablanca port.
  • Participation in study seeking to identify potential logistics activities at Zenata logistics area.

Decorated in 2011 by Wissam Al Moukafaa Al Wathania, (Officer rank), Mohammed Yousfi, is married and father of four children and graduated from the Mohammedia School of Engineering.