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Organization chart of the Agency

An Organization at the Service of the Sector

The approach adopted in order to define the organization of AMDL has been premised on several principles, including the following:

  • Fulfill all the mission entrusted with it as of the time the Agency becomes operational;
  • Open up to the operators and actors in the sector so as to shore up the public-private partnership necessary to the implementation of the Moroccan logistics strategy;
  • Constitute a cluster of expertise in the optimization of logistics flows in order to better serve the Moroccan economy

The organization of the Agency is structured in five functional blocks which cover all of the Agency’s missions:

  • Directorate in charge of Strategy, Research, and Information: it is tasked with the coordination of strategic studies relating to the development of the logistics sector. It takes care of communication and the promotion of monitoring within the Agency. It is also responsible for undertaking and following up on international cooperation actions. Added to this, it is in charge of the implementation of IT tools and infrastructures which are necessary to the smooth operation of the agency ;
  • Directorate in charge of Operators and Logistics Chains: its mission resides in fostering the surge of the logistics profession and operators (building competencies, bolstering standards, labels etc.) and contributing to the structuring of supply chains as specific to the main flows of goods ;
  • Directorate in charge of Logistics Parks: it is responsible for developing the requisite expertise to ensure the success of each logistics park (ZI), notably through the following actions: effective land mobilization; definition of legal and financial for each logistics park; the design and development of parks in accordance with the needs of users. Beyond the intervention of the Directorate in the upstream phase of the actual set up of logistics parks, it also follows up on already operational logistics parks ;
  • Secretariat of the Moroccan Observatory of Logistics Competitiveness: it takes care of follow-up and on-going monitoring of the Kingdom’s logistics performance. This Department combines expertise in the areas of collection, storage, and verification of pertinent data, as well as the interpretation and publication of the data in order to serve and enhance the development of logistics competitiveness ;
  • Support to Operators: this block, which gathers together two Departments (namely, the Department of Finance and the Department of Human Resources and Public Affairs), guarantees support to all staff in all areas related to human resources, public affairs, accounting, and management control.